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A non-poem by a non-writer

In English, French, Reading matters on 22/04/2015 at 6:29 pm


De Phuket, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa m’envoie deux plaquettes : une longue nouvelle déjà traduite par moi en anglais (“Another day of 1984 happiness” – la nouvelle qui ouvre mon anthologie de nouvelles 2014) et un recueil de poèmes intitulé bien entendu Mai Chai Bot Kawee – (This is) not poetry.

Alors, pour passer le temps, j’ai traduit le tout premier non-poème, et, par habitude peut-être, c’est sorti en anglais :

History cursed to never reach old age – Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa

History cursed to never reach old age
The month of May torn off all calendars
The first rays of dawn never remembered
The tuneless songs on many lips now vanished

Dreamers were mass-murdered in their sleep
Their blood has dried up the time it takes for dewdrops to evaporate
Man who has been cursed with freedom
Redeems his sins binding his legs with goodness

Only domestic animals believe that a cage is cosy
History which is old repeats itself for the seventy-sixth time
There is only sin – wash this slave super-clean
Feed me with deceptive words in the long journey to the truth

Going at the right target in the wrong way
With fragrant carnivorous flowers we never planted
I like your dream
Your eyes space-lost like a blind worm eating poison ivy
I like your beauty
Ripe like a fruit that falls to spoil and slowly turn putrid
I like your love
Hugging me tight like the embrace of a venomous snake
I like your memory
Because it is cleansed white like the skin peeled off a corpse

History has been cursed to never reach old age
Man has been cursed to seek freedom
We have been cursed to struggle
To struggle for victory time after time

Struggle alone is a victory in itself
Because there is only struggle until there is defeat a little at a time
There is only struggle of man young yet
Along the chain of history that never reaches old age


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