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My latest fad

In English, French, Reading matters on 01/01/2015 at 12:54 pm


This New Year’s Day, as of midday Bangkok time, my new blog is out:  CHANSONGS. The name says it all. Fifty-five song titles to begin with, with another hundred or more in the pipeline. The result of over two years of idle moments and alternative moods. Most titles have been selected not just out of love for the songs (some I can’t bear to hear) but because of the challenge of the lyrics.

Maybe this new set of English<>French translations will help me show I’m not just a craftsman of literary Thai translation who, now that he’s fallen on hard times, must show he’s also proficient in those lingoes. Either that or making ready for the last act.

Cheers everyone and a happy new year of the Goat. Prenons garde à ne pas devenir chèvre.

  1. Dear Marcel, Hope all is well – I’ve been following your blogs over the years and always found them interesting, whether it be snippets of daily life (including ordeals related to visa renewals!) or €Žshort stories in translation, and am looking forward to the new blog. Best, Miroslav :

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