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Prakot 01

In English, Reading matters on 08/02/2014 at 3:57 pm

prakot01 This came in the mail today, the maiden issue of an all-Thai ‘Thai Contemporary Literary Journal’, published by the Office of Contemporary Art & Culture of the Ministry of Culture under the editorship of well-known novelist Uthis Haemamool (Lap Lae Kaeng Khoi, SEA Write 2009; The Brotherhood of Kaeng Khoi, 2012).

Beautiful design in the luxury of a large format (183 x 260 mm), eclectic content of articles, poems and pictures of goofy billboards running to nearly 200 pages, and a mysterious cover title: ‘Major move of small people in the book world’, presumably on the mushrooming of literary bookshops upcountry. All this is given a span of half a year: January to June 2014 – with free distribution to writers and education establishments (contact คุณเก๋ at 02 422 88 28) and free download – ‘hopefully before the end of this month’ – from (don’t try it now, it ain’t there yet).

ปรากฏ (prakot), by the way, is a verb meaning ‘to appear’, ‘show’, ‘be visible’. So: Prakot Wa Prakot Dai Prakot Ma Laeo!


PS (11 Feb): The book is now downloadable at


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