marcel barang

Gems by the wayside – 1

In English, Reading matters on 27/06/2013 at 1:59 am


In the dead of night, sometimes nothing’s more urgent than grasping at word clouds as they cross your desk. Here is one, from the latest slim offerings of a young Thai bard named Jadet Kamjorndet, of which and of whom more anon.

Don’t be afraid

In the operation room
Lots of toys have been ordered out
Only this plastic gun allowed
To be returned to dad before the anaesthetic shot

The boy of four years, five months and seventeen days
Smiles content on the operation bed
As he hands over the plastic gun to dad

Dad prepares to say
‘Don’t be afraid, I’m here’
Meaning to whisper to him before he falls asleep
But asleep the child falls unawares
His eyes still on the anaesthesiologist’s finger
A make-believe ant that climbs up the saline solution tube
As he gives him the injection

Dad walks out of the room
Leaving it up to the doctors
Takes off the green gown
The plastic gun falls off the pocket
He picks it up
Stares at it transfixed
Feeling it’s the real thing
He’ll use to protect one and all

‘Don’t worry, dad, I’m here,’
His son’s voice comes out of the operation room…


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