marcel barang

Notes in a time of ebb and flow – 10

In English on 14/11/2011 at 11:58 am


– A reprieve? Deliverance? Sunday 1pm: no water inside, but it’s just under the parquet. As I lunch grandly in the front porch rocking chair of canned sardines, some cheese and a banana, I watch a small fish (flat, not quite four inches long, with two ‘whiskers’ almost as long) familiarising itself with the huge aquarium of my small garden. It obviously prefers it to the immense garage lake, which I sprinkled with washing powder the night before.

– Monday 9am: it’s action stations in the lane when I wake up. Low tide has left about 10cm of water out there, with clusters of garbage bags and other rubbish floating about, and people are busy cleaning and drying what can be cleaned and dried. So do I, mindful of that little fish I see once as I bail out most of the water from the garage area. Getting rid of muck and cleaning with dirty water is an art, and great exercise. The garden is uniformly dark grey, drying. I let the backyard water flow out, only to stopper the evacuation hole again two hours later, as the water is rising again.
High tide, I find, will go down until the 23rd (from 3.77m today to 3.07m) and then rise again to 4.08m on the 27th. More Thon Buri districts are still being evacuated…

– Karoon and wife have spent the weekend … on a beach in Trat, near the Cambodian border. They have yet to make it back here. ‘Narm thuam chaihart thee nan dooey rue plao?’ Is the beach there also under water?


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