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In English on 24/09/2011 at 8:49 pm

Much of the day before yesterday was spent by my helpful neighbour and me making a long-plotted swap.
Not what you might think: bringing the PC down to the living room for daily use and taking the laptop to semi-oblivion up there on the mezzanine floor where I sleep next to one thousand and one books. This because the large PC screen will presumably be easier on the eye when I format those ruddy bilingual short stories for the blog than the laptop’s puny lucarne. It might thus cut down on migraine spells.
With the PC, printer and scanner had to follow. And while we were at it, my neighbour wiped out the PC hard-disk and reinstalled a gazillion programs, which was what took so long.

That night, after he left, I was flabbergasted: that wonderful CD with the Oxford-Larousse and Hachette dictionaries that have been my daily bibles for years refused to copy!
I knew what had happened: the new format was 64-bit instead of 32-bit (whatever that means). Indeed, a friend of mine a few months ago had the same tragic experience and hasn’t properly recovered yet. Checking at once on the net I found that for love or pounds there is no multilingual Oxford digital dic’ for 64-bit.

Yesterday my neighbour came by and said simply: ‘We’ll reinstall in 32-bit, then, but some other day.’ Meanwhile, he set up a connection between PC and laptop whereby I can bring the laptop screen onto the three-times-bigger PC screen and thus use the precious dictionaries…

Among the programs my neighbour installed was a connection to YouTube and, since I now have a copy of that interview of mine by ASTV News1, he undertook to put it online but eventually desisted due to lack of time: the 28mn video takes over one hour to upload.

I’ve just now uploaded said interview for the whole world to see (Martians fluent in Thai are also welcome). Veni Vidi Video.

PS: A few minutes after posting: when I try the link, YouTube tells me:

This video has been removed because it is too long.
Sorry about that.

Me neither. So I’ve removed the link from this page. Please accept my apologies.

  1. Hi Marcel: For longer video’s I see that people put them up in two or three installments. Could you try that?

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