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In English, Reading matters on 23/08/2011 at 8:45 pm


After hours of severe delivery pains, I have the pleasure to announce the birth today of a new series of bilingual e-books, with two titles from the same writer, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa.
Both books are available at, which now enjoys the easy payment facilities of PayPal.
Both are priced cheaply, because what matters is not making lots of money, but that they are read widely.
Both are in unlocked PDF format, readable on most computer and e-reader screens. (Choose ‘View>Page Display>Two-up Continuous’ to have matching Thai and English pages.)
Both are testimonials of a major talent at the forefront of today’s Thai fiction writing. (Too bad he has such a mouthful of a name!)

A damaged utopia is Wiwat’s latest offering, a long short story whose vivid scenes layered across time and space are meant to intrigue, disconcert and provoke. An ‘Afterword’ culled from an email from the author to the translator provides further food for thought. (In homepage, you’ll find the work in the Short Stories window.)

Alphaville Hotel already existed in English, augmented with the previously penned short story ‘A tale without a name’. I’ve turned the novella into a bilingual text, dropping the short story.

PS: A last-minute glitch: I find that, because of the obsolete PDF Acrobat Reader used on the site, the option of ‘Two-up Continuous’ isn’t available – and this affects the Preview Reading of Alphaville Hotel (but not of A damaged utopia, which I had chanced to present on two columns of the same pages). I’ll attend to that tomorrow. Meanwhile, this doesn’t affect the downloaded full texts, if you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PPS (Wed 1pm): Done.


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