marcel barang

Walking wounded, hooray!

In English, French, Reading matters on 23/07/2011 at 7:38 pm


The cast’s cast away and I can walk again!
On eggs, as it were, keeping my feet flat, both encased in shoes at all times (except in bed, what d’ya think). I had to sign a discharge, and nothing pleased me more than surrendering the blighted crotches (got me money back, gov’nor).

The other bit of good news is that my website,, is walking again too – or rather, to be truthful, is finally working properly.
Now that the appallingly complicated PaySbuy payment system has been replaced by PayPal, ordering Thai fiction in English or French as e-books is easy as pie. You can even download those books yourself and leave it to me to count the money: there are four dozen books on offer.

Why this change wasn’t done earlier is entirely my fault: I shouldn’t have waited nearly two full years to write a memo to the powers that be showing that during that time, between 350 and 400 persons tried to buy our books and only 27 managed to go past the PaySbuy nightmare – and those who did and paid in foreign currency were further penalised by PaySbuy’s extortionate rates of exchange. Swift action followed as I’d thought was no longer to be: a case of น้อยใจ if ever there was one.

Et tout ceci écrit alors qu’il tombe des cordes depuis près de deux heures – c’est la saison des pluies en ce coin du monde – avec un œil sur le contre-la-montre pluvieux du jour. Cancellara, vous dites ? Mais non, patientez un peu. Demain, quel que soit le vainqueur, Schleck 1, Schleck 2, Evans knows who, pastis pour tous !


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