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Le Tour de France live

In English on 09/07/2011 at 8:26 pm


Even though it’s pouring buckets over my patch of Bangkok right now, I finally am watching le Tour en direct, full screen on my laptop, thanks to EuroSportLive. The address: Of course, it’s in English, and there’s the occasional ‘short break’ for advertising vomit (volume off). Hooray!
In case you can’t do the same, try this: go to, then in the right column click on the EuroSport logo, and if that won’t work, try the ‘alternatives’.
The one I got lucky with just now was Alternative 5.

This being said, the sad news is I’m incapacitated for the next ‘seven to eight weeks’, doctors tell me who yesterday lovingly encased my ailing foot in a neat but badly conceived plastic cast that, because they don’t know what a right angle is, forces me to mince steps.
Good enough to shuffle about within the house, but I feel like those Chinese ladies of yore hacking it on golden lilies. Crutches I’ll keep for my ventures abroad.

The ridiculous shuffle I’m reduced to is all the more painful as I also broke something on the other foot while negotiating with crutches two nights ago the obstacle course of the living room: I slightly lost balance and the loose foot kicked the table.
Its fourth toe has turned blue, its root is swollen and it hurts.
Of course, I reported none of this to the doctors yesterday: they’d have encased that one too into a cast, and where would that leave me? I know by experience that toe injuries take care of themselves.
But I’m left wondering what it is I want to prove grounding myself this way?

  1. *crutches

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