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Another pair of boobs

In English, Reading matters on 27/06/2011 at 1:06 pm


Since I’ve been otherwise busy latterly and laterally, I’ve failed to post here for almost a week. So here is a quick entry.

This morning’s Bangkok Post has a feature story on ‘endangered ungulates’ such as gorals and serows. I haven’t read it, only the filler (‘a copy with little news value used to fill space’ in journalistic parlance):

These remarkable animals can navigate vertically up and down and latterly if need be, and get most of their nourishment through the vegetation they eat.

Fancy animals ‘navigating’ up and down – and latterly too!
And fancy animals feeding on plants: truly remarkable! Then, what’s the rest of their ‘nourishment’? Pebbles? Mars bars?

Talking about navigating up and down, the morning mail delivered the current issue (June 24 2011) of TLS and, as always, I read the last page (‘NB’) first. In it ‘D.H.’ tells us about a wonder book where

…once you have got used to the idea of a book that opens out vertically rather than horizontally, the format proves friendly enough.

‘got used to the idea’ rather than to the handling of a book? What idea is that? None of my books opens horizontally in my hands, but pretty much vertically or else slanted. Do you mean a book that opens from the top rather than the side? I’m still confused.


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