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In English on 11/04/2011 at 5:28 pm


Something happened to this blog on Saturday.
The number of viewers shot up, from a low of 25 views the day before and 74 the day before that, to 151. Sudden surges of interest have happened two or three times before, under the influence of Facebook or other Referrers. But the weird thing is Referrers on that day numbered only 6 hits; Search Engine Terms, 7. Referrers plus Search Engine Terms normally account for all non-Homepage hits.
Yet, the Homepage on Saturday was visited 26 times, which is normal, another 8 pages had between 4 and 2 visitors, but another 106 individual pages (out of a total of 300 posts) were also hit once.
This sudden widespread, stealthy interest is baffling. Perhaps there is a simple enough technical explanation. I’d like to hear about it. Or were a hundred plus busybodies testing my waters? On a Saturday, too! Shivers…

On Sunday, back to normal, except for the sudden reappearance of Siriworn Kaewkan, or at least interest in him: out of 59 hits that day, 22 concerned him, over four separate entries. I guess he must be back in town (or in the news) from his retirement in the South.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for the yearly ordeal of Songkran: pastis already in the pantry, heavy shopping for food and fags to spend the rest of the week in jail at home while collective lunacy grabs the country. But more on that anon.


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