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The sky’s the limit

In English on 04/03/2011 at 5:40 pm


Last Saturday, this blog passed the 20 000 views mark. It took the first twelve months to reach 10 000. That was eight months ago. At this rate of exponential growth, the sky’s the limit. Give me another fifty years and I’ll bury the Huffington Post singlehanded (number one ‘blog’ in 2010, or shouldn’t that rather read ‘blog platform’ given that it has hundreds of contributors?).

The monthly average tells a different story, though: although generally on the rise, there is a trough for July and August, which smells of holiday making among my readers. The highest monthly score – January this year, 1840 views – is followed by a middling one: February, 1170 views.
The highest daily score was 226 views on 5 June 2010 – following an atypical political entry. But it seems that translating French and English songs – and also Thai poems – is attracting more and more viewers. In this context, Leonard Cohen’s ‘A thousand kisses deep’ is the overall winner: hardly a day passes without one or several requests for that translation into French (4 so far today).

The blog at the moment has ‘30 active’ subscriptions and ‘15 shares’. A steady base.

To say that this is all due to word of mouth would be deceiving, judging by both Referrers and Search Engine Terms entries in the Admin page of the site. Today for example I don’t quite understand how ‘’ has generated 27 views here (with today’s Top Post Views going to ‘Festival Brel – 11’ [27] and ‘Homepage’ [17] and none to, say, the entry on Carrion floating by where ‘car accident’ would be an obvious peg) or how some jerk typing ‘what does je veux une femme avec brests grand et le cul means?’ ends up on my blog.
Rather sobering, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, as the wordpress people themselves told me earlier this year, these statistics show that ‘this blog has staying power’. Let’s leave it at that. But then, mark my words, if I live to be 115…

  1. I stumbled across this post after searching for the whole Justin Timberlake thing…makes no sense to me either! (Also having the same strange referrals to my blog…) Anyway, beside from that, I know the feeling…it’s great when your blog’s following goes up and up and up! Keep blogging :D

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