marcel barang

  1. In the time you spent waiting, you could (and should?) have worked out how to do it yourself!

  2. Not surprised at all. He’s kind of infamous for that sort of thing. He started by making huge pledges to telethons to get his name mentioned by Jerry Lewis on TV. He was 8 at the time.

    In school classmates would ask to borrow a pencil and he’d say “Sure, let me get one for you in my locker” and just disappear. One guy fell for this before his SAT’s. He had a 4.0 GPA, but because he barely got 1000 (after an hour he begged the proctor for his Number 2) his dreams of going to Harvard were dashed and he ended up at Dartmouth. Yes, he had actually managed to renege on himself.

    These days he walks around Bangkok telling sick kids he has O-negative (Rh positive) blood and a spare kidney. There is simply no limit to his passive cruelty.

  3. Heard his boat sank just before reaching shore. With the extra baggage in his boat – fat babies and such – not surprising. Damn those guys who should have known better not to yield to an altruistic impulse!

  4. I don’t get it. So basically all these rant is because he failed to deliver what he has offered out of generosity? I mean, it’s not that you’re paying him or something.

    You know, instead of “Yeah, right, Rikker. I’m holding my breath.”, this is what you should have answered him:

    “Dear Rikker,

    I understand you must have been busy lately, and I really appreciate in what you have done for me so far. I’d be totally understand if you don’t really have time for this right now. You can just let me know what I should do next, then I will take it from there. Thank you very much again.

    PS. congratulation on your newborn. Would love to see his/her pic :)”

    There you go. Much better.

  5. @Ruud

    That comment was an embarrassment to your name. Totally unruud, man.

  6. That Rikker guy sure is lazy and deceptive. But if he did anything for you for free after you’ve named and shamed him publicly and unnecessarily like this, the guy would be lazy, deceptive, and pretty damn stupid.

  7. To Planctonic: I tried and tried and again failed and finally gave up: I’ll stick to PDFs for the duration. If you know how to make e-pubs, however, I’m willing to learn, at a price for good results. Write to me at barang at
    To Jack: Thanks for this information, which might be useful to the next recipient of his altruistic impulses, as Thai_Talk would say.
    To Rudd: When I feel like turning the other buttock, I’ll hire you as my PR.

  8. To Yikes: can’t you read? Look at the dates, and then think again.

  9. No, thank you.

  10. Actually, I just ran into Rikker at Au Bon Pain the other day. He was with his wife and infant son, eating a toasted poppy seed bagel (with cream cheese, I believe). He was tearing off pieces of it and asking his little boy if he wanted some, putting it right up to his lips before snatching it away, popping it in his mouth and chortling loudly. Naturally, the baby screamed bloody murder, everyone in the cafe turned to see what was going on, and his wife looked mortified. But Rikker didn’t care; he was having a grand old time. The cycle of subtle sadistic cruelty will continue for at least one more generation, I’m afraid.

  11. I’m not sure why I was tagged here or why you referred to me. If you’re implying that this post applies to me then I’m sorry I ever offered any assistance. I did as I promised by forwarding your copy and speaking to those who could have helped. That the decision makers chose not to do anything was beyond my control.

    Please untag me from any future posts. In fact I would be grateful if you would delete any reference to me entirely from your blog. I would rather not be publicly involved in your bitter musings…

    • Bitter musings indeed, Khun Tor. I’m glad the Tor Pramoj tag, wherever it is placed on this blog, has finally generated a reaction from you. When, in mid-July 2010 you kindly offered to forward a printed copy of my translation of See Paendin to family elders to see if the author’s heiress’s diktat preventing me from publishing it could be reversed, I was grateful and never doubted you would do so. But was I wrong to expect a word from you on how that went without having to wait for nearly two years? When I had at your request sent you an extra, digital copy for your reading convenience, was I wrong to expect a comment that still isn’t forthcoming? Anyway, this is all ancient history. So, no hard feelings. And no more tags.

  12. Tag and reference to … deleted after a further exchange of emails. Fare thee well, sir.

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