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A Siriworn out day

In English on 06/01/2011 at 10:56 pm


So yesterday I got this and then that mail intimating that there’s a book fair coming up in Taipei and the Thai Ministry of Culture thought that Siriworn Kaewkan’s books should feature there and how nice it’d be, wouldn’t it, to have English summaries of his two available novels in English, A scattered world and The murder case of Tok Imam Storpa Karde, as well as perhaps a short biography of their author.

I sort of got the gist of what that meant for their translator and friend of his.

What I hadn’t reckoned with was that it’d take me the whole day, from brunch to late dinner. Mind you, I translated those books ages ago and had to refresh my memory, but nevertheless it was darn slow going.

Must be because I’m under strain following intense work in the luxury of untrammelled quiet in the neighbourhood while the year went from 2010 to 2554.

Two days ago, with vendors back in sales pitch and neighbours back in slammed car doors, I formatted a bilingual version of Alphaville Hotel, a novella by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa, running altogether to 144 pages. It’s still on hold, though, as the Thai pages need work: Wiwat is a lousy typist, and I must get someone to fix his lapses. If only I could type Thai… But then there must be more misspellings my non-native knowledge of the lingo wouldn’t allow me to spot.

A day or two before that, I finished translating and then formatted and uploaded that same story augmented with ‘A tale without end’ as an English-only PDF e-book both on immaté and – except that in the latter case, last-minute glitches developed: what can be viewed in Explorer wouldn’t show on either Google Chrome or Firefox. How this can be mystifies me, but never fear, Master Pop will fix it sooner or later.

What I need now is to take a break to some beach – either that or deep slumber: five to six hours’ sleep a night tends to slow down reflexes and writing speed.


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