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Un autre son de cloche

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In the mail this morning, a booklet entitled ‘Toward a Harmonious Globe’ (2010 Poetry Reading by S.E.A. Write Award Winners, Suan Pakkad Palace, Bangkok, Thailand, November 4, 2010). In it, nine poems, one of which, by Zakariya Amataya, I had translated earlier (see ‘Young Thai poets (2): ‘Something or other’’ on 02/09/2010). It’s always interesting to hear different versions, so here is that of Associate Professor Surapeepan Chatraporn, who by the way organised the reading:

There must be something

There must be something in this universe
that has been lost in the dimension of time
something that Columbus and Ulysses failed to explore
something that the Greek and Arabian astronomers did not discover
something that the founders of the world’s religions forgot to preach
something that has been lost in between the black hole

There must have been some errors
between the cleavages of the human race
that was lost in the Flood
something that was not stowed on Noah’s ark
something that the Old Testament did not record
something that Nostradamus did not foresee

There must be some misunderstanding on this earth
that has been lost from the database of the global population
something that Plato did not anticipate
something that Nietzsche did not mention
something that Einstein did not calculate
something that has been lost…

  1. Interesting to see how the meaning can surprisingly be different in each version. I especially noted ‘astrologers’ vs ‘astronomers’, ‘cleavages of the human race’ vs ‘human lineage’, or talking about Plato he ‘did not anticipate’ vs ‘didn’t figure out. But overall, it seems to me that M.B’s version remains closer to the idea/concept of poetry. It would be interesting to know what the author think about those two versions of his poem.

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