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One giant leap for mankind

In English, French, Reading matters on 27/10/2010 at 12:09 am

.As of today, 25 of the 50 or so books stored at are also on sale as e-books at, initially in PDF format – to read on computer and some book-reader screens or to print out. Go to the ‘Librairie’ page. Since there are over 15 000 titles there, they are unlikely to show, but if you type ‘thaifiction publishing’ in ‘Rechercher’, here they come, over three pages – help yourselves.

From The Circus of Life to The White Shadow, seventeen of the Thai Modern Classics series of twenty are there, plus more recent translations from the likes of Saneh Sangsuk, Chart Korbjitti, Wimon Sainimnuan and Siriworn Kaewkan.

As soon as I’ve secured new ISBN identities for them and most of the remaining titles, they’ll also be available in EPUB format, needed to read conveniently on the smallest screens, including portable phones.

Immaté caters to the main digital bookshops (besides its own) in France as well as to the Apple Store, more professionally than ever could – so, I hope, no more hassles in the ordering and payment procedure for the customer.

The next ‘small step for man’ will be to access those meccas of marketing, Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, that all insist on their providers of e-books having US bank accounts – so much for globalisation.
And guess what? A kind soul has offered to open such an account for me. It pleases me no end that someone I’ve never met (only talked to on the phone and exchanged emails with) is sufficiently concerned about Thai literature in translation and its lack of reach worldwide to freely offer his help to make it better known.
Thanks, man.

A further step should be publishing on demand, when some outfit in France or elsewhere will make it appealing to do so. Since it was part of my premise when I remodelled last year, quite a few of its books already have all the formatting required for digital printing.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been messily, archly, at time exhilaratingly busy with all of the above and with … teaching myself how to make EPUBs, plunging feet first into digital gobbledygook, but, chin up and gasping for breath, I’m slowly getting there. Oh boy! At 65, and with literary translation reduced to a sideline activity.
My latest victims? Rewat Panpipat (read all about it in the Bangkok Post of Nov 1st) and Prachakhom Lunachai…

  1. Golly & hearty bravo!

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