marcel barang

Old age drivel

In English on 20/09/2010 at 9:16 pm


I feel an absolute wreck today
A sad dough of my former shelf
Maybe it’s too much poetry these past weeks
wracking nervous influx
Maybe it’s too much rain over my roof
sipping under the kitchen furniture
Maybe it’s too many soaps and too few books
too many words and too few visitors
save on this blog bless you peepers
Or something in the air
I was plotting to abscond to France this month
to entrust my e-books to capable hands
walk the past
love a bit the old-fashioned way
but the hands and the past and the love are seemingly busy
and there’s an urgent need to give a facelift to my dental façade
there’s an urgent need to anoint my monsoon-blessed crotch
there’s an urgent need to find a genius
for the bulb that won’t light
the toilet that won’t flush
and the blinds that won’t up
there’s an urgent need to hold the fort
coz Siriworn and his posse of poets will raid my place come Friday
coz the Gavroche brush-up is due any day now
coz the Post needs its feed
coz Thutiyawiseit slumbers
coz Four Reigns is stillborn
coz far as I can see
I’m getting nowhere fast
so I’d better stay put
Meanwhile redshirts have had their day
billions are starving
the planet is doomed
and the wailing newborn next door won’t have it

PS: That was just to keep you and me in the mood, punning under the influence. See what you’ve done, Ms Gold?


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