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Long live TOT!

In English on 03/09/2010 at 11:10 pm


In mid-July I took advantage of a TOT promotion to boost my internet service to 4mbps from 500/600kbps for a token increase in the monthly fee (see ‘Vive TOT !’, 19 July, on the French side). It was a winner of sorts: the advertised ‘4 meg’ download speed has actually been 300mbps to 1500mbps depending on the time of day or night, compared to 150/300kbps previously. A source of sour jokes with my computer-savvy neighbour, Khun Karoon, but what was the point of complaining?

Two days ago, Khun Karoon came over: he had given up on his previous service provider and was thinking of going back to TOT but was unhappy with the actual download speed under the ‘4 meg’ promotion. So he called our local TOT technician, helpful and courteous Khun Wanchai, to ask how come my TOT line was so poor, especially lately.

Oh, Khun Wanchai said, I must have forgotten to make the switch. I’ll do it tomorrow at noon.

Yesterday noon, a miracle happened: router switched off and back on, my line was amazingly fast. For a good ten minutes. Then Explorer went blank and so did Firefox.
But fear not: half an hour of tweaking by Khun Karoon had the thing running for good. That evening, as his wife preferred the food of a funeral party, I treated him to an early feast of veal chops and canned beans with California dried figs for dessert in celebration.
Recorded download speeds in megabytes since then: 1.88 at 8pm last night; 3.76 (3.76!) at 12:30 today; 1.25 at 8pm; and 1.81 a moment ago.

I guess if I restrict my downloads to between midday and 1pm and then 2 and 6 in the morning, I’ll really get my money’s worth.


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