marcel barang

One year later

In English on 02/07/2010 at 4:33 pm


Today, this blog is one year old and this is its 178th posting – which works out to almost one posting every other day. Dommage pour la langue de mon lit hier : only one third of the entries are in French or bilingual.

The blog has recorded more than 10,000 views (including 1,413 last month, with a 226 peak on 5 June over ‘Double standards’ – an uncharacteristically straightforward political commentary, which generated 11 comments, in a blog usually careful to leave politics out or have it read between the lines).

It has attracted 20 ‘active subscribers’ so far as well as 93 ‘approved comments’, plus maybe three or four offensive ones I deleted, not to mention the over 400 ‘spam comments’ the machine has automatically protected it from.

The homepage, day in, day out, gathers most views, from various referrers, including that hapless e-book treasure trove,, that has sold as many as thirty copies in ten months, but a growing number of views come from internet searches, mostly of translations into French of English songs, but also, surprisingly often, through the search word ‘pessoa’ (5 yesterday, 2 so far today). Perhaps I should give greater pride of place to poets other than minstrels, but poetry is so heady its transmutation requires a lot of legwork.

Another frequent ‘hit’ is ‘alias grace atwood’, a third ‘m brother speculiar chicken by alejandro’ in yesterday’s phrasing, for instance, and a fourth ‘khun chang – khun phaen’.

Those search words or expressions as recorded in this blog’s Dashboard are sometimes funny (‘mountain dew mon pere a des gaz! moi, je’ today), illiterate (too many examples) or gross (‘vous êtes un cochon. et je voudrais fair’ yesterday), making one wonder how come those jokers landed here. Did I ever mention ‘cochon’? Oh but, come to think of it, I did, in an early posting entitled ‘Cochon qui s’en dédit !’ Mee na lah!

  1. Happy birthday from one of those 20 e-mail subscribers.

    Speaking of thaifiction, I tried to buy one of the books but the website just didn’t work… I’ll try again.

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