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I Envy the Wind

In English, French on 07/04/2010 at 2:41 am


While the hardy red shirts get us all here in Bangkok on edge and tenterhooks with their appalling theatrics (could someone please deny them access to petrol, if not their noxious leaders’ spit and bile, so we can move around: I need to buy a book or two at Kinokuniya), let’s pay homage to a Canadian singer who wasn’t born yesterday but makes today more mellifluous if nostalgic. She’s guitar-slashing spaced out yet authoritative at if you need to watch her kohl and scruffy goldilocks. The Spanish versions aren’t bad either, especially by dual-voiced Lila Downs.

I Envy the Wind – Lucinda Williams – 2007

J’envie le vent

I envy the wind
that whispers in your ear
howls through the winter
freezes your fingers
moves through your hair
and cracks your lips
chills you to the bone
I envy the wind

J’envie le vent
qui murmure à ton oreille
hurle l’hiver durant
gèle tes doigts
dans tes cheveux passe
et te gerce les lèvres
et jusqu’aux os te glace
J’envie le vent

I envy the rain
That falls on your face
wets your eyelashes
and dampens your skin
and touches your tongue
and soaks through your shirt
and drips down your back
I envy the rain

J’envie la pluie
qui sur ton visage tombe
mouille tes cils
et humecte ta peau
et te touche la langue
et trempe ta chemise
et dans le dos te coule
J’envie la pluie

I envy the sun
that brightens your summer
warms your body
and holds you in her heat
and makes your days longer
and makes you hot
and makes you sweat

J’envie le soleil
qui illumine ton été
chauffe ton corps
et te tient en sa chaleur
et allonge tes jours
et te tient chaud
et te fait transpirer

I envy the sun
I envy the wind
I envy the rain
I envy the sun
I envy the rain

J’envie le soleil
J’envie le vent
J’envie la pluie
J’envie le soleil
J’envie la pluie


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