marcel barang

Constitution Day

In English on 10/12/2009 at 6:39 pm


A terrific howler – or was it a poor attempt at a joke? – in this morning’s Bangkok Post on three columns over an AP dispatch from Jakarta on Page 5:

Tear gas disburses graft rally

It’s wonderful what tear gas can do these days.

Meanwhile, on this Constitution Day, good neighbour Karoon, in white t-shirt and grey pants, offered me two green bananas at 5 pm. The other day it was a watermelon. I regularly treat him to coffee, the finest this side of Wat Dao. He claims my coffee-making machine is better than his. Might be: we use the same brand of coffee; I use a paper filter, he uses a plastic cone.

This noon, I gave an interview in my clunky Thai to a local radio for the second time around: last week, end of session, it was ‘Shit! The file is lost…’ So, rendezvous on FM 105 Sunday week 9 pm to listen to the thoughts of Chairman Marcel on Thai literature (and don’t forget to buy his eBooks at, which, I can make it public since there is a counter on each page, has sold a grand total of ten eBooks in two months – as the Chinese say, the thousand-mile journey starts with one step).

Best of all: I received an email from the Bunluea Theipphayasuwan Fund asking me to forward a copy of my translation of Thutiyawiseit for consideration prior to approval (for background details, see ‘Growing pains (3)’ on the English side of this blog). So I spent a few hours reformatting the book from internet to Word format to make it easy for them to read, print, comment, and correct if need be.

As Leonard Cohen sings, O baby, we’ll be making love again. Ah, yes, I’ve yet to post that one.

Once I have watered the plants in the dark and talked to the resident green snake front of the house, maybe I’ll have some energy left to proceed from page 1076 of this fourth and final reign. (No, I won’t.)

But, hey, what’s for dinner, Marcel?


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