marcel barang

Locked out

In English, French on 23/10/2009 at 11:41 am


Due to some password snafu, I find myself locked out of my account as of this morning, and cannot get any (computer-generated) reaction from Google.

After years of untroubled usage, I’ve had to go through the Gmail password rigmarole almost every day for the past two or three weeks, and yesterday again. Today, no can do. Maybe it’s Piyamaha-rart Day in outer space too.

The trouble started when I allowed my two website technicians to access the account and then decided to link the website operations to another mailbox altogether and changed the account password for exclusive use: the machine refused to accept the easy-to-remember password of yore, claiming it was too short…

So for any urgent communication, please use barang @ [without the spaces] or the Comment facility here.

And if people read this, maybe they can tell me as well why I no longer have direct access to this blog and must provide username and password in the homepage every time.


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