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In English on 04/09/2009 at 8:48 pm



This week isn’t my day. After sleep cut short by cats the night before, last night’s beef liver proved lethal: within the hour, I was besieging the bathroom. Not all downpours come from the sky. This made for another hectic night, a 6 am waking with St Vitus’s dance, sundry nightmares, high fever today and a sense of doom that had me cancel Siriworn Kaewkan and Khun Noo’s visit planned for tonight.

To top it all, this morning, internet refused to come up on my notebook. I fiddled with the router, the plugs – nothing doing.

Called Khun Wanchai, the very able TOT technician who’s been here several times before. He came in the afternoon, checked the line, replaced cables. The desktop computer on the mezzanine worked fine anyway. So, he unplugged my notebook and plugged his own, which worked fine. His conclusion: my six-month-old notebook was at fault. I’d have to get it repaired. How? Where? Why me?

Khun Wanchai was long gone by the time I thought of something: last night, before beef liver acted up, I’d been pestered several times by McAfee demanding to reboot for an update of theirs. Could it be that this worthy antivirus program had messed up the commands?

I called my good neighbor Khun Karoon. ‘Just disable McAfee,’ was his advice.

I did – the internet came up! Went back and re-enabled McAfee, and the internet still worked.

Be this a lesson for all of you out there. I’ll call Khun Wanchai on Monday to let him know too: it might save him a few trips to hapless victims of the McAfeeckers like me.

As a bonus, Khun Karoon’s wife, Khun Lee, who is a nurse, kindly provided me with advice and pills to pacify my guts.

Tomorrow’s another day.

  1. You could always use a Mac. No viruses and no need for anti-virus software. When the internet is not working on my Macbook I always know it’s a problem with the ISP.

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