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Tsai tien, Francis

In French on 02/08/2009 at 9:23 pm


Francis Deron, 1953-2009

Toutes mes condoléances, Khun Jiap.

  1. Monsieur,

    Je prends connaissance de votre message à caractère privé posté sur votre blog, auquel m’amène une recherche internet par le nom de mon père Francis Deron.

    Je vous saurai gré de bien vouloir réserver l’expression de vos condoléances ainsi affichées sur un site accessible de manière public à son épouse et sa fille, et de respecter ainsi le souci qu’avait mon père notamment de la préservation de sa relation avec ses petits-enfants.

    Je vous remercie de votre compréhension.

    Laure Deron

  2. And to clarify: although she know attempts to pass herself off as a lifetime companion of my father, who should be considered as a second family, Miss Panthip “Jiap” Boonyaratkul was in reality the brief mistress of my father, revealed to his legitimate family (wife, daughter, parents, brother, etc..) when she gave birth to a child whom my father claimed he never wanted, and whose status was never quite ascertained for us.

    Francis Deron never lived with Miss Panthip Boonyaratkul, nor her son. After the birth of Eric Deron, my father continued to live with my mother and I as a family, just as we had previously. His extra-marital affairs were part of his secret life, a one that he took great care to isolate from his family.

    All his life, my father Francis Deron remained close to his legitimate family. He was especially fond of his two grandchildren (my own children), with whom he spent many a holiday and who had never heard of Miss Panthip “Jiap” Boonyaratkul prior to his death.

    When he was taken ill in 2007 and then 2009, we looked after him, and in the final days of spring and summer 2009, we were at the hospital all the time, and we (especially myself, his wife Isabelle and my uncle Michel) dedicated all our time and energy to attempt to ease his sufferings and offer him a quiet passing; during this very intensive time, Miss Panthip Boonyaratkul was NEVER involved and we NEVER saw her son Eric.

    A few days before his passing, my father was repatriated to France, a decision made by us together with the medical team and which was largely based on the fact (which the medical team saw as clearly as we did) that there was NOBODY in Thailand to take care of him, when he could no longer walk, eat or even breathe without life support equipment and human help (which we provided on a 24/7 basis). We had to ask a friend to step in as a guarantor for the hospital, they could not even do that for him.

    Miss Panthip Boonyaratkul and her son, whom the many friends and colleagues of Francis Deron has never heard of, while they all knew and befriended his wife and daughter (apart from a few exceptions), now attempt to portray a false version of history which is insupportable to us.

    Francis Deron died in Paris, with his wife and daughter at his bedside, holding his hands. I closed my father’s eyes after his last breath. In his last words, he told us of his love for us, for his grandchildren, and thanked us for our presence.

    Miss Panthip “Jiap” Boonyaratkul’s attempt is therefore an insult to the memory of my father, who kept extremely strained relationship with her all those years after the birth of the child, as well as to our family who cared for Francis Deron and, unlike her, accompanied him to his passing.

    You would do us justice by not participating, albeit perhaps unknowingly on your side, in her offensive attempt to re-write her role in the story.

    Laure Deron

  3. The words of Laure Deron are not true and very insulting to my mother and me.

    Laure Deron has met me and my mother for the first time at Thai court in June 14, 2010.

    I regret to hear those words from her.

    Eric Deron

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